surpassing 2 billion

i might lose some of my “cool status” but one of my favorite shows to watch is America’s Funniest Videos.  i know it’s just a hodge-podge of people who love video taping their kids doing dumb acts of innocent bravery or teenagers falling victim to their own misguided attempts at something “awesome”, but i love it.  it’s honestly the one show i laugh at the hardest.  i’m really not sure what it is but i love to see a person get owned by an excercise ball or a kid crash in his power wheel – it’s hilarious.

sadly, this morning rather than feeling like the guy sitting on the couch watching someone get owned by an exercise ball, i felt like the person who took the shot.

i just read this in the Washington Post,

House and Senate candidates have already shattered fundraising records for a midterm election and are on their way to surpassing $2 billion in spending for the first time, according to new campaign finance data.

Really? candidates will likely surpass $2 billion? metaphorical exercise ball slams into my face with a ridiculous amount of velocity.  shock, pain, and bewilderment set in.

one simple question – how can we justify spending almost $2 BILLION on campaigns when people all over the world are dying of hunger, disease, sickness and much more that could be prevented with basic necessities and education?

i know there is more to this spending than what meets the eye.  i’ve heard the arguments about politicians and policies that they will put in place to help alleviate world problems.

but what if we put half of that money, a mere $1 billion, for efforts working to solve worldwide problems that are daily taking the lives of countless people?

how can we throw millions at TV advertisements with the clear motive of smearing the other candidate with the intent of destruction but we can’t throw any money to those who truly need it?

it’s odd to me that we give a person money so they may publicly destroy another person but we don’t give money to restore a person who will soon die without our help.

call me crazy, but perhaps are thinking about what we funnel our money towards should shift…

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