Love takes you places

Brennan Manning once asked the question

What would the church look like if we erred from an excess of compassion rather than from a stingy and legalistic lack of it?

after much coffee, thought, and time i’ve arrived at a conclusion. i believe the church would be more nomadic, if in fact it erred from an excess of compassion. i imagine the people to live more vagabond-like.  by vagabond i not only mean nomadic but i also mean to imply the fact that vagabonds are not as attached to the material things of the world that society might be.  we need to learn to detach ourself from material possessions and yet stay connected with the world around us.  this is only possible if we live relationally.

a love characterized by an “excess of compassion” is constantly on the move.  Love takes you places.  it’s love that urges you to help the ‘least of these’.  it’s love that reveals Jesus to the world through both your words and actions.  Christ was always on the move.  perhaps we should reflect on this characteristic of Jesus’ life a little more closely.

i would rather be tired, dusty, hungry and thirsty rather than rested, clean, fat and lazy.

if we are to be Jesus to the world…

if we are to live out His message, the Gospel…

if our lives should be comprised of our active participation in loving our neighbors…

then movement is integral.

what if we actually got off the couch and did it?

don’t we spend too much time reading blogs like this, updating Facebook status, #twitter, etc, etc, etc?

don’t we spend too little time providing practical needs for those in need. loving the unloved. blessing the impoverished. building lasting relationships with the broken. feeding the hungry. housing the homeless. empowering the hopeless.

so, look around you. what do you see?

do you see a couch, chip bags with crumbs strewn across the coffee table, an empty soda cup tipped over, television streaming the tosh.0 marathon?

if so, get up. dust off the chip crumbs and walk outside. bask in the glory of the son, allowing him to fuel your soul. it’s time to move.

the Creator never intended for you to sit on you butt reaping the benefits of being born in america.  He created you to change the world, which is impossible to do in a static position.

today, may the need to move drive you to do more.

may you re-prioritize

may the Gospel drip of compassion

movement is necessary if you desire for Love to change the world.

so, where are you going?

Grace and Peace

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