lust is a good thing

sometimes lust is a good thing.

have you ever met that person who has a genuine lust for life?  the person who wants to live every moment like it’s their last.  i’m not talking about the immature person who has convinced himself/herself that “living life to it’s fullest” is getting drunk out of their mind or stoned everyday of their life.  that’s simply a blatant excuse to get drunk, high, or have excessive amounts of sex.  the lust for life i’m speaking of is the joy you feel well up in your soul you can not contain so you have to do something.  sometimes you dance.  sometimes you sing.  other times you just laugh hysterically.  whatever it is you are doing, it is done with the utmost of your being.  and yes, the world probably thinks your a bit ‘off your rocker’, but thats a good thing – isn’t it? the world is far too serious anyway.  we need some insanity to balance us out.

this is how i imagine Jesus being.  i imagine Him serious when the times called for it but mostly i imagine Him living life to the fullest.  a funny observation if i may:  a person who loves life and let’s that love spill over to the people around them are seen as being a little “loopy” (we just discussed this). i’m wondering if that’s why the uptight pharisees saw Jesus as a drunk… perhaps He was too happy.  perhaps He had an excessive amount of fun.  perhaps He spent far too much time in the pubs of Jerusalem listening to the great unknown bands of his day.  perhaps he didn’t go to Temple as much as others thought He should.  perhaps His friends were too dirty, too broken, too honest and too ugly.

Jesus changed the world because His lust for life was based off of his Love for all things.

we can have a lust for life and it be completely selfish.  this selfishness causes the world to see us a unauthentic.



we can tell when people aren’t being genuine.  i meet plastic people who “never have a bad day”, but at some point the rose colored glasses have to come off and that’s usually when no one is around.  for the plastic, the worst thing that could happen is the world seeing them as they truly are. the plastic need to keep up appearances – authenticity is a relative term.

i’m wondering why we’ve either lost our love for life or we put on our mask and act as if all is well?

for me, i’m the most plastic when i’m not content with my life.  i act as if all is well, but reality would say otherwise.  so, maybe contentment is the key.

if we are constantly, in every moment, discontent because of what we don’t have, our lust for life can not and will not exist.

your lust for life is birthed when your soul loves with reckless abandon.

our lust for life needs to take over.  i’m tired of all of the boring, stuffy people in the church.  i can’t imagine Jesus being the pissy man who gets offended by anything remotely “unchristian”.  to me Jesus is the man/woman who lives life for others and loves every second of it.  He/She is also the one who is transparent and authentic.   if you’re the person who feels as though they must keep the act going of “LIFE IS WONDERFUL!!!!! I’M SOOOOOOO BLESSED!!!! HALLELUJAH!!! PRAISE GOD!!!!!” let the act go.  Jesus had bad days and so do you, so take a breath and be still for a moment.

i recently heared an interview with Mike Mills about his film Beginners starring Ewan McGregor, Christopher Plummer, and Melanie Laurent, in which he told the story of his father’s lust for life.  the heart of the film is about life after Mills’ mother passed away.  six months after his mom passed, Mills’ father told him that he was gay.  in the interview Mills says, “my dad came out when he was 75 and this guy was really interesting and kind of on fire.  my dad was drunk with life.  this whole movie was concocted in that un-sober state.”  it’s a film i’m looking forward to see.  i want to be inspired to live life in an “un-sober” state (i love that line).

YouTube Preview Image

today, may you be drunk with life.

may you soak up the beauty around you, allowing it to intoxicate your soul with love.

may you live a less plastic, more authentic life.

life is meant to be whimsical.

Grace and Peace

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  1. Adan says:

    Rustin, you are brilliant.

  2. Traci says:

    love this post & agree completely. i strive for this kind of lust of life!

  3. Becky J says:

    i always enjoy your blog, but this one more than usual. even the times i don’t completely agree with you – you definitely make me stop and think. and that’s a very good thing. keep up the good work! : D

  4. katie patton says:

    Love this!! you get it! 🙂 “the glory of God is man FULLY Alive!!” blessings on your journey till you reach the heavens!! 🙂

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