without LOVE

i was inspired to think and reflect after i heard Peter Rollins speak recently.  thank you for the inspiration Mr. Rollins.

let me ask you this:  when you are enjoying a meal with people you dearly love and people that dearly love you, are you thinking about the love in the room?


you are thinking about what LOVE reveals to you.

it’s LOVE that reveals the beauty around us.

without LOVE…

the great food – rubbish

the uplifting conversation – pointless

the brilliant coffee – trash

the people enjoying each others company – worthless

without LOVE everything is meaningless.

lately i’ve seen little love come from my christian brothers and sisters, particularly in regard to the gay community and it’s tragic. truly tragic.  we must change this. as people who profess to follow the way of the most loving and selfless person, we have a tendency to be jerks.  i don’t know about you but i see Christ loving people.  especially the oppressed.  

i want to LOVE people.  no, forget the former statement.  let me correct myself – i will LOVE people with all i have.  i don’t care where they fall on the belief chart, or how terrible they have been in their past.  i don’t care if they’re filthy and smell like crap or if they are well manicured and smell of sweet lavender – i will LOVE them.

if they are the most selfish or most giving

the biggest hypocrite or the truest to themselves

the self righteous or the humble

i will LOVE them.  because if i don’t LOVE, truly love, then all i stand for, all i have, all i am, is for nothing.

it is LOVE that changes the world.  it is LOVE that changes the impenetrable heart into the gentle spirit.

LOVE is not self serving.  it is selfless.  LOVE is not prideful. it is humble.

LOVE is what illuminates everything.

Mother Teresa was once asked why she served the outcasts of India when in fact the child she was caring for was going to die within hours.  she explained that she couldn’t help it because the child was a glorious disguise of the Divine.

today, may you truly LOVE with all of your being

may you love your neighbor as your self in a way that is shown through actually doing something

may you know that it is GOD that moves and breathes through us in the LOVE we share

if you look at the world through the eyes of LOVE, it’s a beautiful place to be.  and where it’s dark and despair rules, it will be LOVE that transforms the dismal into something majestic.

Grace and Peace

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