short and sweet

today’s blog – short and sweet.

enjoy every minute you have.

savor your relationships.

love everyone you meet with a love unsurpassed by any before.

spend as much time in the company of people who don’t believe anything you believe.

remain teachable – teachable moments happen all around you and often at the most unlikely of times.

soak in life.

have meaningful conversations over great food and drink.  communion is a beautiful necessity.

remain hopeful in your darkest hour.

when hope, faith, and love feel like they have failed you, because those times will come, remain resilient.  resiliency is founded on faith, hope and love and will pull you back up.

Today, may your heart be full of Grace.

may the love of Jesus be your foundation.

may you find hope again.

when love consumes you, share it with the world.

Grace and Peace

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