You Need To Fail

Sometimes you simply need to fail.  It might sound a touch on the crazy side but I believe failure to be a key component to success.

Now we’ve all heard the motivational stories growing up about this man trying to invent something and he failed 1,452 times before he successfully built the working prototype.  These stories are great for motivation but I feel like they quickly pass over the 1,452 failures and focus mostly on the GRAND SUCCESS at the end.  To me stories like this are a little too utopian for my liking.  I feel we as people need stories filled with reality.  In other words we need to hear that other people in the world struggle, fail, lament.

We need lamentations.

I believe that identifying with your saddness/grief is a good thing. There are definitely times when we fail and it causes us to break.  We become a broken being and it’s only when we are able to reflect upon that brokenness that we might begin to move forward.

Today, may you begin to move forward.

May your brokenness cause you to sink until all you can do is seek God’s loving embrace.

May you look beyond what’s here and see what’s to come.

Failures will come and we must welcome them.  If we never are at the bottom, then we will never be able to climb to the top.

Grace and Peace

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