A Spot Of Tea

I’m in the middle of prep for my stop motion video shoot. It’s amazing to me that this shoot consisting of zero models, no assistants and no on location setup has been more time intensive than any shoot I’ve done to date.

I’ve never shot stop motion and I have an impulse that whenever I do something for the first time I want it to be produced as though I’m a seasoned veteran. Storyboards full of ideas are done and now I’m writing the voice over which will essentially regulate what I illustrate, the style, typography and more. This is going to be my biggest challenge as a photographer to date.

Is it funny to anyone besides myself that shooting 2000 pictures of virtually the same thing be my biggest challenge?

When other people look at your life circumstances, in their eyes, what’s happening doesn’t to seem to be “that big of a deal”. But, when you are in the thick of it all, you can rest assured that what appears to be an easy task to the outside world, quite possibly is the most challenging thing you have ever walked through.

I have discovered communion with God to be on a level much deeper when I’m smack dab in the heart of the fight. It’s in the most difficult times of our journey that we find the Divine.

Why is this?

Perhaps, we find God easiest in the midst of desperation because it’s the very moment we have allowed ourselves to be free. Freedom is what the Gospel message is all about. If you live with Christ dwelling in you, freedom is yours – you are a new creation. Everyday is new. Every breath is a new beginning.

So, if you are in the thick of battle, stop and meditate on the truth that you have been set free from all bondage; even the bondage that appears to be a blessing. As the reality of your freedom begins to steep in your cup, Allow the sweet aroma to consume your senses.

Perhaps at the darkest moment of life the best thing you could do is to sit and have a cup of tea.

Today, may freedom compel you.

May your struggle be met with resilience.

May your focus be on simply being present in the here and now.

Grace and Peace

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