One Small Question

There is a Heschel quote I’ve been pondering.  I would like you to ponder with me and respond.  I suppose I’m asking you to respond because I need community to flesh this out.  This need supersedes my want to answer it for myself, so a round table is in order.

The true aspiration is not that self and all that is contained in it may last, but that all the self stands for may last.  Man can be a nightmare but also a fulfillment of a vision of God. He has been given the power to surpass himself; to answer for all things and to act for one God. All beings obey the law; man is able to sing the law.  His ultimate legacy is in his composing a song of deeds which only God fully understands.

My question I’ve been pondering is this:  What are the lyrics of your song?

This is what I ask you tonight… What are the lyrics of your song?

Today, may you know that it is not what you aspire to be but rather what you do which matters.

May your passions take hold of your soul.

May your song be one that rings through the halls of time.

Our actions don’t stop when we end when we witness the result; then continue on making ripples through time.  I pray my ripples are those of Love, Joy, Peace, Mercy and Grace.

Grace and Peace

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