Spotty Teachings

I recently joined the REVOLUTION!!!  Well, I’m not sure it’s the Revolution, but I did join Spotify.  If you don’t know what Spotify is, take a quick jump to the site.  The gist –  it is a music sharing website.  You can share your music with other Facebook friends and they can share their music with you.  If they have amazing tunes like Strange Heart by Lovedrug, then you can add it to a playlist and listen.  It’s an incredibly simple concept but it is changing how we share music.  More music will be shared, which means more people will hear music they might have never been exposed to before.

As I veged out to a playlist I suddenly had a small epiphany.  Can epiphanies be small?  Anyway, back to my mini-piphany. I began to wonder what life would be like if people shared everything like this.  It’s as if music has lost it’s sense of property to us.  We no longer consider it to be “mine”, therefore we want to share it.  More than that, I think we share music because it’s beautiful and we want others to experience the beauty with us.  Ultimately music, when you purchase it, whether it be a CD or an online download, it becomes yours; your property.  It is yours to do with what you wish.  Society as a whole is beginning to see it be a good thing to share this art.  I’m in agreement.  I think all art should be shared on a mass scale.  The world needs to experience creativity.  The world needs to be moved beyond words to the depths of existence.

What I’m wondering is why we (society) don’t share all of our possessions like this?  and If we did share everything, what would the world look like?

Something to think about for the weekend.

I think I will attempt to open up another area of my life to share with the world.  Maybe I’ll loan my car to someone who needs it.  Maybe I will allow people to sleep on our floor.  Maybe I’ll share my groceries for the week with our struggling neighbor.

Funny thing is, after writing those “Maybe” statements, I realize I should be doing those things already.

Today, May you share a little more of  yourself.

May you be blessed by others.

May you give what you have.

I guess I needed to have others share what they believe to be beautiful with me so that I may realize the power of living in community.  Community is a beautiful thing.

Grace and Peace

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