What’s It Going To Be?

Today, what’s it going to be?

Will you continue to walk on the paved, often swept, pebble free path of the modern stereotypical american christian life?


Will you choose to go off the path and into the wilderness, where the unknown awaits?  The possibility of attack lurks around every bend.  At times, there is no trail of anykind, so you must fight your way through the thick vegetation.  You must keep going.

So, do you want to sit in the pews and sing hymns until “the role is called up yonder” or do you want to actually help change the world?  Believe it or not, the world won’t be changed inside the church. The lives of people are changed when they can see God in existence through your actions, not your words or your Bible quotes.  God exists in the hearts of man and His love is exemplified through our actions.

Today, may you show the world the Love of Jesus.

May you lay down your life.

May your soul not want to sit around any longer.

You are the one that should be leading the rescue effort, not waiting for it to come.

Grace and Peace

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