Writers Block, Mark Driscoll & Tea-vangelicals?

This is my first serious case of writers block.  I’ve had what I thought was writers block in the past but it obviously wasn’t.  Funny how that happens.  You think you’ve hit “bottom” at a certain point in life, until you truly hit bottom.  Falling deeper, farther, harder, faster than before, the bottom feels like wretched urine-soaked concrete in the back alleys of a bizarre hellish city.  You don’t want to hit bottom.  And yet some people would rather live at rock bottom rather than make any progress forward.


Why would anyone not want to move from the place they are currently?  Maybe, just maybe, they don’t want to move because moving requires change.

In life, not many of us want change, especially when we know that change could possibly effect us in a slightly negative way.  Think about this:  you have a Divine epiphany. God reveals something to you that changes how you view the world.  Because of your shift in perspective, you now feel compeled to shift certain things in your life.  You feel like you can no longer do “X” and now you need to do “P”.  So there is this shift in your soul that creates a shift in your mind, that then creates a shift in your actions.  The big question is, Do you do it? Do you make the shift? or Do you believe in the epiphany, the Divine revelation, but it stays in your head as a belief.

Isn’t this what happens for most of us concerning the Divine?  I know most of you just answered with a swift, “No.”  but what if you have been pushing back the prompting of the Holy Spirit for so long that it becomes second nature.  Pushing the revelations of God down so that they stay a belief and never develop into an action, or heaven forbid a lifestyle, that you don’t even realize you do it at all.  Maybe that’s why guys like Mark Driscoll see Francis Chan leaving his church to pursue where he feels God leading him and Driscoll thinks Chan is crazy.  Driscoll even asked Chan in a youtube video “you’ve got a good church going on and you hit the eject button and  now you’re the international man of fu manchu mystery and what is going on?  what are you thinking?  your church?”

Perhaps, we’ve pushed down the urging of the Divine to a point that we believe what we want to believe so that we can justify our actions.  Sometimes it looks like we are being incredibly Biblical, but really we are just being incredibly American.

It’s funny that we can justify our life driven off of materialism when Jesus lived a life urging people to share everything.  We get so worked into a frenzy of politics and complain about how the President isn’t doing this to help my future when Christ was never concerned with “His” stuff but looked to serving those in need.

Perhaps we actually need to live like Jesus for a week.  Perhaps losing the “me” mentality could help us find Jesus.

But even if we find Jesus, we still need to do one more thing… turn that belief into an action.  I wouldn’t even call it a belief if you don’t live it.  I would say, that thought floating in the space between your ears is just a thought until you back it up.

If you think we should care for the poor… there are ways you can do that.  (hint – complaining about people on welfare isn’t one of those ways)

Changing the world with The Way is a grassroots movement, it always has been and it always will be.  Let’s keep The Movement away from the politicians, they’ll just turn it into things like “Tea-vangelicals”.

Today, may we learn to live with our hearts.

May you begin to create a shift in our perspective to see the world differently.

May our beliefs turn into actions.

Does this mean I don’t have writers block any more?  I guess I didn’t hit bottom after all.

Grace and Peace

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