A New Study

I’ve been out of college for years now and it’s been a good bit of time since I last attempted an in depth study of scripture. Well, I suppose that’s not completely true. I lead discussion on Thursday nights for our 20 something’s round table style discussion group, so I’ve studied for those. But even that study has a limit on how much I can prepare and give.

As I was sleepless last night I picked up the scriptures and starting reading where I first opened – Mark. As I read 6 or 7 chapters I began to notice how Jesus interacted with people after their brief or not so brief encounter.

Why did Jesus tell one man to go everyone about what happened while telling others yo not say a word of their healing?

Why did he tell a man who wanted to follow him that he couldn’t, but to instead return home?

So, in light of the dozens of questions swirling about I am going to begin a study of looking at each interaction Jesus has and then examining his response to the person or persons. I want to learn why some need to shout from the rooftops, while others need to become silent. I want to study a new side of the life of Christ that I’ve always glanced over. I’m excited about what is to come from all of this.

I’ll keep you updated from time to time about my findings as well as the absurd amount of subquestions that will spawn more questions leading down completely different trails.

I could be busy for some time to come.

Today, may you fall in love with the sacred scriptures.

May you want to know more.

May God show you love and grace in the community around you.

Let us begin to wrestle with the scriptures.

Grace and Peace

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