Another Reminder

I wanted to simply offer a snippet filled with Hope.  In light of processing all of God’s creation, I am in awe of Him. His very nature. His Love.  His Grace. His majestic artistry.

All of this processing and meditating has me wondering a few things about God.  It has me pondering big questions that I brushed off years ago that I can’t explain.  Questions like, “If God is Love, How is eternal punishment for anyone loving in any possible way to them, to their families and to Him?”

As I ponder the big questions, I wanted to offer some hope to you.  This quote from Rob Bell’s most recent book Love Wins came at a great time tonight.  Enjoy.

Jesus invites us to trust that love we fear is too good to be true is actually good enough to be true. It’s written in one of John’s letters in the scriptures that “what we will has not yet been made known.” Jesus invites us to become, to be drawn into this love as it shapes us and forms us and takes over every square inch of our lives. Jesus calls us to repent, to have our minds and hearts transformed so that we see everything differently.

It will require a death,

a humbling,

a leaving behind of the old mind,

and at that same time it will require an opening up,

loosening our hold,

and letting go,

so that we can receive,





and enjoy.

Today, may you feel loved again.

May your heart be consumed by grace.

May what you experience with the Divine be shared with the world.

Enjoy all that is and all that will be.

Grace and Peace

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