Apples & Oranges

A simple yet complex question for the blog today.

The things in your life that you do, from the most mundane to the most electrifying, from the most “spiritual” to the most “unholy”… Why do you do them?

Think throughout your day.  Think of everything from the food you put down your throat to the conversations you have with coworkers.  What makes you decide to do whatever it is you are doing?

Much of it I’m sure is base out of necessity. Some is based on convenience.  Some is rooted in scripture. Other things are simply done with little to no thought at all; they are done as though it’s second nature.

So, let’s focus on one area…  hmm…. what shall it be?

How about food.  It’s often glanced over, pushed to the side.  It’s something we rarely think about and instead we just shovel food in.

What did you eat today?  Think about all you ate. All of it.  Maybe you only ate once.  Maybe you simply snacked all day long.  Maybe you ate 3 square meals – whatever that means.

What did you put in your body?

Now comes the tough question: why did you choose to eat whatever it was that you ate?

Was it because it was tasty?  Was it because it was easy, fast, handy?  Was it because you are on a new diet?


Was it because you wanted to put food into your body that would be the very best for it? Was it because you know that what you put in your body shows God how much you care for it?

What you eat reveals whether you want to take care of the vessel God has created for you to serve or whether you want to run it into the toilet as quickly as possible because that’s more convenient.  You’re body is dying (literally) for some apples and oranges today, but you fill it with coca-cola and quarter pounders with cheese.  But who cares, God’s going to take you anytime he wants anyway.  Right?  That’s a great excuse to make one more aspect of serving God not as important as it probably is.  Taking care of your body is an act of worship.

I know it was a bit of a soapbox of a blog today, but I’m a little tired of people being tired all the time.  Chances are that outside of a medical condition, you are tired because of the crap you use to fuel your body.  And chances are, the sickness you have might just be linked to what you put in your mouth.  Not only does what you consume express to God how much you love Him but it also expresses your love for your family, friends, and community.  If you don’t take care of your health, it’s as if you are telling your loved ones that they don’t matter to you any more than a pizza.  It’s your choice how you live.  It’s your choice how you love.

Today, may you be challenged to change.

May you become uncomfortable.

May you move to living a life that is lived for Him.

One of my best friends told me this week, “It’s not what you are doing, it’s why you are doing it.”

Grace and Peace


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