Does It Matter?

Does it matter that people in our country and all over the world are being oppressed and pushed down?

Does it matter what you believe?

Does it matter who you love?

Does it matter that people are dying from famine every single day?

Does the fact that you feel called to help the poverty stricken matter?

Does it even matter when you talk to people about how much Jesus loves them?

Does any of it matter?

Outside of the cynics the majority of us would answer all of these questions with a resounding, “YES!”

I say, “NO.”

None of this matters if you don’t do something to change it.  Nothing you believe matters unless it is lived out.  You believe in the transforming power of the Love of Jesus – live it.  You believe in the scriptures – live it.  You believe that the poverty stricken shouldn’t go to bed hungry or cold – buy their groceries, pay their bills… live it.

We can all sit around and talk of what’s wrong with the world but until you get up and do something about it you are missing out on all you were created to be.  There is a reason your heart breaks for the starving, the poor, the depressed, the addict, the workaholic.  You were created to serve.  Listen to your heart; it’s your best guide for your future.

Today, may you meditate on what’s at hand.

May your heart break for those you are created to serve.

May you listen to your heart.

Don’t listen to your culture around you.  Culture is a selfish gold-digging bride who only wants what you can give it.

Grace and Peace

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