For All To Hear

Outside of the obvious, there is something incredibly powerful beneath the surface when it comes to death.  Something that doesn’t quite bring joy. Even when a person has been suffering and leaves this earth for what’s beyond, we still grieve.  I grieve not for them, but for me.  I grieve because I will miss them, not because of where they are going on their next step of the journey.  My grief begins because I know that I will no longer experience anything with them in the here and now.  Grief is a good thing.  Being torn apart by someone leaving is okay.  It’s all a piece of life.

But when a person commits suicide, I grieve for both them and myself.  Sounds a little crazy to think that much less type it for all to read.

When a person takes their own life, my heart breaks.  It breaks for their family, for their friends, and mostly for them.  I’ve known only a few people who have committed suicide but with hearing the news of the latest my heart broke more than usual.  It broke because this young man was brilliant and had a lifetime ahead of him.   I have no clue what his situation was like when he took his but I know that my heart is torn a little today.  It’s odd because I don’t blame him for leaving, I blame myself a little and I blame the world around me.

We live in a time in which we would rather climb over people, push them down and keep them down rather than reach out to those hurting and in need of hope.  Some of us don’t speak of hope or live lives that exemplify hope, love and grace because it’s a selfless lifestyle and for others we just find it hard to “reach out to those people”.  Regardless of our excuse, we must begin to show the world what Hope looks like.  We must begin to give grace FREELY TO ALL.  We must live a life that shows we love others more than we love ourselves.  It must start with you and me, no one else.

It is up to us to bring hope into this world.  We can’t wait on anyone else.  The way we live matters.  the way we treat others matters.  We must give up our selfishness and begin lifting others up in Love.

I don’t know if hope would have helped Jacob hang on for one more day, but I pray that for him today Love Wins.  I pray he sees and experiences the love of Jesus.  I pray that he feels the fullness of Grace.

Most of all I pray that he is able to experience the embrace of the Divine and be consumed with Love. Hope. Grace. Mercy. Peace.

Grace and Peace

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