Losing It All

Is sacrifice part of it all?

I know in the spiritual versus material, sacrifice is essential, but it seems like it is the major area in which many of us struggle.  Do we give up this stuff and follow Jesus or can we have our cake and eat it too, so to speak, or is there some middle ground?   I think it starts out as sacrifice but the longer something is surrendered, the less we want it.  our hearts are changed. We move from wanting this material possession to not wanting it.  Once the material becomes unnecessary, then not wanted, we forget about our desire for it as we keep moving forward.  Perhaps looking more like Jesus looks less and less like the world.

I don’t necessarily believe this meant that we will give up all our possessions but that our souls are actually willing to give anything and everything at an moment.

Is this where my heart dwells?

Does my heart dwell in the readiness to lose it all?

So, where do I move? I ask this question because I feel stuck.  I must learn to open up and let it all go.  Giving everything to God is as crucial as anything else I’m doing right now.

Today, may you find yourself lost in the presence of the Divine.

May you be willing to let it all go.

May your love be the love of Jesus flowing through you.

The longer we give all of ourselves to God the more natural it will feel to live like Jesus.

Grace and Peace

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