Once Known as The Way

What is your reason for seeking God?

Is it for an eternity in heaven?

Is it to not go to Hell?

Is it to make you feel better?

Is it because its what you’re supposed to do?.

Is it for you?

If it’s yes to any of these, I would say that you probably aren’t seeking God, but rather you are seeking getting into heaven or getting out of hell or it helps you feel good.

For much of the church (I was once a part of this group) we “seek” God for reasons that relate to God but really have nothing to do with surrendering our control and serving Him. Being a Christian is so incredibly engrained into the fabrics of a vast number of households across the nation that it has lost it’s weight and purpose as a movement and been reduced to a cultural norm.

American culture is one of the leading causes of death to a movement once revered to as The Way.

Where did the way go? And why did Christianty as we know it today have to replace it?

Today, may we fall in Love with the Movement.

May we live in a way that exemplifies the Love of Jesus.

May we shift the momentum back to a radical faith that changes the hearts of women and men.

Is your faith an institution or a Movement?

Grace and Peace

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