The Leisurely Stroll

Tonight in our round table discussion group we discussed living a life that is ironic.  We have detached ourselves from our beliefs in a way that puts just enough distance between us and what we find in scripture or even what we feel like God is urging us to do, that we can not do all of it.  I think we have a tendency to pick and choose which things in scripture should be most important to us.  Or, I’ll phrase it this way: we pick the pieces of scripture that we can follow more easily.  Whether it’s because we are called to do it or whether it’s just more convenient for us – I believe we all pick and choose.

We all can sit around and talk about how having the big house won’t do anything for my soul or how the newest electronic doesn’t really do anything good for me, but as Peter Rollins once put it, we all walk away from that discussion and live like the house will satisfy us, or the new job with a raise will be exactly what we need.

Our beliefs are just that – beliefs.  They are glorified thoughts.  Without action a belief is nothing, it’s pointless.  I might even dare to say that proclaiming you believe in the radical transforming power of Jesus and yet living like His life has not precedent over yours is stating you don’t believe in Jesus by your actions.  In essence you are denying, we are denying, the resurrection.

Every time I see a man poverty stricken and left to sort through garbage for food and I don’t have pity on him and help – I deny the resurrection.

Every time I hear of a man losing everything because he has no way to pay bills and I do nothing – I deny the resurrection.

Every time I read or hear or know of a family that gets put on the street and I live in a house with rooms to spare – I deny the resurrection.

When we don’t act upon injustice, stand up for the voiceless, draw a line in the sand for the outcast, support the oppressed – we deny the resurrection.

Today, may you no longer deny the resurrection.

May you look within and ask God for change.

May your heart be transformed to look like the heart of God.

When you let it all go and begin to follow, and I mean really surrender it all and follow, you will find yourself in places you once thought impossible because of the level of discomfort it might have once produced.  To convince yourself that following Jesus is a leisurely stroll through the meadow of spiritual blessings is to look too long through your rose colored shades – take them off and experience the wilderness.

Grace and Peace

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