The Tree Reminds Me

I recently watch The Tree of Life a film by Terrence Malick.  It was a truly beautiful film and was unlike any other film I’ve ever seen.

Rather than give you a synopsis of the film I want to share what The Tree of Life reminded me and perhaps revealed to me for the first time.

I’m reminded that this world in which we live was formed with and in love.  Every once of this place was created in love.  The best thing that you and I could ever do is to take care of it.  Notice it.  Love it.

Love everything. Love every piece of creation, every flower of the field and tree of the forrest and every animal in the wilderness.  Love everything.  Creation loves you back if you would only pay attention.  Do not miss the creator loving you through creation.  Creation is shinning in glory.  It is consumed by the majestic beauty of the unknown wonders.

Don’t miss it.

Today, may you fall in love with the earth and the heavens.

May you be overcome with joy because of the love you find around you.

May the flowers of the field dance in your soul to the breeze of the Divine’s love.

Love everything.

Grace and Peace


If you haven’t seen the film and are wondering what it is or are on the fence, perhaps this will give you the urge to watch it.

YouTube Preview Image

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