Well That Sucked.

The benefits of social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook are fantastic. These sites reconnect us to old friends and family. They also connect us to new friends around the world. For me, they have even provided the opening to conversations with other artists and activist living to make the world a better place. I love it.

But, and yes ther is always a but, do you ever find yourself living fantasy through the online world and not putting anything into action?

I had a friend once who every time we talked we hatched some plan to help ‘this group of people’ or provide ‘this’ for so and so. We were incredible at brainstorming on ways to change the world from big ideas to mini. What we were terrible at was carrying through. We lacked the follow up.

I’m wondering if one of the major downsides to the social networking world is also the good side – creating conversation?

Conversation is miraculous! But if all the talk simply cycles around cyberspace and never manifests in the physical world, whats the point?

I have a notebook filled with well formed ideas that have yet go make it into existence… I think I’ll stop typing now.

97% of the time when I sit to write my blogs I have absolutely no idea where it’s headed. So that last sentence about the notebook hit me hard.

I need tome to think. To process. To reflect. To pray. To act.

Today, may you be inspired to change the world.

May fear have no place in your life.

May love reign supreme.

Grace and Peace

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