You Hear?

For me, the majority of my life that I’ve spent following Jesus, there have been very few occasions that I can say I have felt as if I “heard from God” in regard to what I should do.  For some reason Christians give off this impression that everyone should know what God wants them to do, but I don’t think that’s true.  I think that God has definitely helped me make decisions in my past but there have most definitely been times when I never heard any clear direction, so I simply chose.

I will expand more on this thought at a later date but for now I simply want to say this – if you are at a point in your life in which a decision is in order, I would suggest to pray, fast and seek the Lord as best you know how.  Then if you have no clear direction… make the choice that looks like Jesus.  Sounds a little weird but I hope it makes sense when you get to that point.

Today, may your head be clear of all worry.

May your love be pure and not self seeking.

May you look to the Creator for inspiration, drive and hope.

Tomorrow is a beautiful thing, but today is where life happens.

Grace and Peace

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