Your Identity Can Grow

Today’s blog is a break from the in depth, hard questions that make a home in my mind.

Instead of the brainbusters (billy madison reference), I would like to share with you one of my passions – great facial hair.  In particular, I’m an avid beard fan.  In fact I’m a self proclaimed proud member of the Beard Nation. I pledge allegiance to few things in my life but this is one of them.  There is a mysterious draw to great facial hair for me.  Seriously.  I know I run the risk of sounding borderline crazy, but I love the art of being yourself and having facial hair be part of what makes you, you. I’ve often told my wife that I feel most like myself with a good bit of growth in my beard.  I don’t want the stubble look, I want some depth.

So in honor of approaching No Shave November or No Shave Movember (Mustache Only), I wanted to show you a few men exemplifying what it means to have a little identity.
 Sam Beam – Singer – Iron and Wine

He has character.  There’s a depth that his beard brings to his presence.  Can’t quite explain it.











Daniel Day Lewis – as Bill the Butcher in Gangs of New York

You can’t go wrong with the Handlebar, but you have to have something to pull it off.







Common – Musician & Actor

Whether he has a beard or a goatee, his facial hair is always clean and trimmed to perfection.  His style is a complete package.  From head to toe he is well styled.  Nothing clashes or looks as if it’s out of place.












Scott Avett – Singer/Songwriter – The Avett Brothers

Although he wears his beard with a good amount of growth, it always appears cleaner than what it actually is.















The Tallest Man On Earth – Singer/Sonwriter

His mustache is quite possibly the sketchiest and dirtiest of them all, but he seems to pull it off.  somehow.








Ryan Gosling – Actor & Activist

His facial hair always seems more subtle even with a good bit of length. Looks good none the less.










John Paul White – Musician – The Civil Wars

He has the throwback stereotypical pirate look, but pulls it off with the clean classic suit.














William Fitzsimmons – Singer/Songwriter

Williams look is unbridled and free.  There’s much to be said about a man who is willing to take on an endeavor of this length.











Sam Elliot – Actor

The Man, the myth, the legend.  The very one who brought the manliest mustache to this world.  Some would say, Magnum PI did it, but I would beg to differ.







Johnny Depp – Actor & Musician

Johnny Depp has a dirty gypsy vibe that just works.  He always looks a little dirty but the charm shines through.







Ray LaMontagne – Singer/Songwriter

When I see Ray sing I feel like I’m transported to another time and place where I’m drinking warm whiskey and smoking hand rolled cigarettes on a front porch.  Without the beard I think I might not make it there.





Tariq Trotter – Musician – The Roots

His Beard is always the exact same length.  I assume he gets it trimmed twice a week and trust only the best to do it. Clean and classic.













Josh White – Singer/Songwriter & Pastor

Josh White has a soulfulness that flows through his music.  To me, his look – the long hair, beard and suspenders cause me to envision him as a simple hearted man who wants nothing more than to sing of his life, his love and his God.










Scott Hayden – Talented Writer & Dear Friend

Scott has always, as long as I’ve known him, sported this look.  It’s stylishly unkept.  Not only does he have one of the greatest full beards I’ve seen, but he has the best hair of any man that I know.






Adam Sands – Friend, Activist & Lover of the World

Adam is one of those guys that seems to be able to pull off any style of facial hair possible.  This was a shot I snapped at his wedding.  Brilliant handle bar with well kept goatee.















I wanted to feature one of my best friends, Allen Weathers, but I realized I have no pictures of him…. this will not do. After Thanksgiving I will have a shot or two the infamous bearded man that inspires me to keep growing (facially and spiritually).

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