Sailing or Adrift At Sea?

There is one thing I look forward to on Tuesday nights – getting the kids to bed and sitting down to watch The Biggest Loser.  Of course I love to see the transformations, the weight loss, the victories and the defeats, but still one thing trumps all of those… I love to see the trainers push the participants further than what they ever imagined they could go.

Had any of these people been at home and decided to get up one day to work out and change their life, I would say that there is a 99% chance they wouldn’t do a workout remotely resembling anything like the workouts they do on the ranch. These people are doing ridiculous stuff.  Honestly, they are pushing their bodies to the edge and over.  There is no stop button.  I LOVE IT!  A few weeks ago I watched a woman carry a 400 pound man piggy back across the workout facility.  Seriously!?!?! If she can have enough mental strength to do that, I don’t know what I’m truly capable of.

So much of our life is consumed by what we “can” and “can’t” do.  This is all rubbish.  Actually, to be completely honest, it’s bullshit.  Sorry if you’re opposed to the cursing but I couldn’t think of a better word.  We are made to do amazing things – physically, mentally, and spiritually.  But we are the only thing standing in our way.  It’s us that kills our dreams, not Satan, not Wall Street, not the economy.  If we truly wanted something we can get there, we simply have to be willing to work our chubby little asses harder than we ever thought possible.

Yesterday I posted a quote from my friend Allen.  In case you missed it:

The enemy will heave expectation and fixed ideals at you from every nook and cranny of your life. How much weight you vest in his onslaught will determine its effect. If you perceive it as grains of sand it’s just annoying If it’s anvils – it will pummel you.

Are you allowing the thoughts, expectations, ideals, etc of Satan to be anvils or grains of sand?

If an anvil falls from the sky on your head it will without a doubt knock you flat on your back.  And if it’s a storm of anvils, well, then you’re just screwed.  But if it’s a grain of sand that is dropping from the sky, it’s hardly noticed.  If it’s a sand storm, then it’s just annoying, but it’s not going to kill you.  Whether it’s anvils or sand, is up to us.  We decide how much we are allowing this crap control us.  You decide how much weight this meaningless, petty nonsense holds.

When all of this junk is considered as anvils, then the “can’t” statements will continuously bombard you and eventually you might not get up.  You may quit fighting.

Reality is – nothing said to you or about you whether direct or whispered in your ear by the great deceiver can hold you back.  If you give those words any credibility, then you’ve lost the battle.  It is up to you what your future looks like.

Can I speak completely honest for a thought or two?

Stop saying this phrase, “Well, if it’s meant to be, it will happen.”  Thats a great statement to advocate sitting on your ass and waiting for God to provide everything for  you.  Perhaps, just perhaps, you were meant to work your butt off for what God has created you to be.  Just because God created you to be an incredible ____________ (fill in the bank) doesn’t mean that He will move mountains for you to be that no matter what you do.

Your destiny is in your hands.  Can God intervene?  Sure.  Will He?  Maybe… maybe not.

Today, may you get up and go.

May your heart move to a new beat.

May all that is within you crying out for something bigger take charge of where you are heading.

A ship is only going somewhere when the sails are up.

Grace and Peace

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