Needed Rest

Today, I’m sick. I don’t get sick very often so this feeling is not welcomed. There isn’t anything I want to do more than sleep. I just want to rest and let my body recouperate and heal.

I wonder if we ever realize when our spirit is telling us that it needs time to heal? There are times in life when our spirit is worn thin, but many of us keep pressing on because that’s what you’re taught to do.

Rest is a subject glanced over for much of my Christian life. I was never told that I needed to take time off, find some solitude and allow my spirit time to not do anything but be present. We need rest more than ever. With the pace of life and experiencing the speed at which we see growth, we must remember to take a step back.

Without rest we will collapse. Even the strongest will fold without rest. Don’t run your spirit into the ground. Learn to listen to your spirit. I am a huge fan of mediation and inward reflection. How do you ever expect to know the state your spirit is in if you never examine. Meditation is a great way to connect. If you aren’t connected to you spirit how can you know what it needs.

Today, may you begin to reconnect.

May you take time to step back and rest.

May your spirit be given the proper time to heal and recoup.

The beauty of life is seen through the eyes but it’s experienced through your spirit.

Grace and Peace

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