Set Love Free

So much of our life is consumed and saturated with everything but love.  We can convince ourselves that Love is in this or Love is why we do that, but do we ever just live life fueled with Love and nothing else?

I want to begin to love in a way that it is the very basis for why I do anything.

I want to partner with organizations not because I want to get my name out there or because I want to promote their cause but rather because Love compels me to do something great for them. Love will not let me rest until the voices of the voiceless are heard.  It is LOVE that should push me, not my “inner drive” or determination to succeed, but LOVE and LOVE ALONE.

I feel the desire to be a successful photographer.  I can’t convince myself to do it anymore for anything other than the joy of what I see when people love a photo.  I want to allow love to run free through me in such a way that transforms my photography from a small business to something much deeper – a vessel to share the Love of the people being captured through the lens.

I could list at least half a dozen more things that I want to do. Things that I feel God has placed within my soul to pursue.  I could list these and express to you why I am shifting my focus of whatever it is to allow LOVE TO RUN FREE all over them, but I will stop the “about me” pursuit section here.

My life as a follower of Jesus has been spent for too long trying to figure out what it means to follow Jesus by dissecting passages, reading commentary old and new, learning to breakdown greek and hebrew to better understand the context of scripture, listening to various popular speakers of our day to hear their viewpoint, serving my community, being a better husband and father, volunteering with non-profits, reading books from philosophers, neo-calvinist, atheist, universalist, jewish mystics, and open-theist, and more all to seek what pieces “best apply to my life” so that it looks more like the Jesus of my interpretation.


if I have not LOVE… if i not only have not love but if I don’t allow this love to run freely in all that I do….




We have a round table discussion group that meets on Thursday nights.  It’s mostly comprised of college students minus the few “older” leaders that hang out and talk.  Tonight we hit on several topics here and there.  Easy, cut and dry topics, such as War, God’s will for your life, and a few others (please note the sarcasm about these being “easy, cut and dry”).  What I began to notice was that when we (myself included) didn’t want to see things through that words of Jesus it was often because love was the farthest thing from our mind.  There is a vast amount of things in each of our daily lives that we do for us and no one else.  Perhaps we work for our families or to provide for our kids college fund, but if we do these things because “we are men and that’s what men do” and we are not allowing love to be everything, then what’s the point.

For many of us, we would rather love just enough to say we love like Jesus rather than truly loving like Jesus.  Don’t forget that it was the love of Jesus that caused people to hate him.  It was His love that caused people to plot to kill him.  It was His uncompromising love that lead to His death on the cross.  If he would not have stood before a woman ready to be stoned, she would be dead.  If His love would not have impressed Him to heal, forgive, save, redeem, restore, rebuild then where would we be today?

The reality is that not many of us would stand before an angry mob and speak up for a homosexual who was being ostracized.  Perhaps you are appalled at that example?  Maybe.  But homosexuals are oppressed every day in this country and we do nothing about it and in fact for many of us, we support it because we believe “their gay lifestyle is not what God intended”.  That’s a tragedy and you should be ashamed of yourself for the lack of love in your heart.  You can tell me all you want that you “speaking the truth” is loving.  Loving to who?  The gay man you just suggested was going to hell?  Your interpretation of “the truth” sounds incredibly loving to me.

To me Love stands up for the oppressed.  Love knows no bounds.  Love knows no limitations, no race, ethnicity or sexual preference.  Love is blind – it sees nothing but itself in everything.  Love is generous.  Love is humble.  Love is full of compassion and rich in mercy.  Love was and always has been intended for all.

I didn’t plan nor intend on speaking about homosexuality when I began this but I would like to say one thing to my fellow followers of Jesus:  When we decide to love everyone in a way that lifts them up instead of pushing them face down into the muck, things might just change in this world.  There is a tragedy constantly unfolding within the christian faith today with how we view and therefore treat our LGBT brothers and sisters and it looks nothing like the restoring, redemptive love of Jesus Christ.

Today, may love take hold.

May your heart be changed to notice what needs to be shifted.

May the Holy Spirit move in your soul to cause you to look at how you view the world.

SET LOVE FREE.  It doesn’t belong in your heart.  It belongs in the world.

Grace and Peace

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