The Exxon Valdez

There is a brilliant song by the band mewithoutyou called “A Glass Can Only Spill What It Contains” which was passed on to me by a good friend.  The song is worth a listen and you should do so.  But it was the title from the start that spurred my thinking.  My pondering can, at times, get the best of me.  Tonight I feel that it is different.

This thought: “A Glass Can Only Spill What it Contains” is causing me to reflect on what I contain.  What does my spirit, my heart, my soul, contain?

Is it Love?






or is it hypocrisy?


The inability to forgive?

I am making it a priority to be a person that spills words and actions that produce a little bit of heaven on earth rather than words and actions of destruction.

I can either be a vessel full to the brim with the love and grace of Jesus


I can be the Exxon Valdez of todays world carrying thick sludge that in the end if spilled produces death and destruction.

Today, may you remember that you have a choice.

May you place your faith in the Divine.

May what comes out from your mouth be words of hope, love, grace and peace.

Breathe hope with every word you whisper. You can only spill what you contain.

Grace and Peace

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