Bah Humbug Starbucks

starbucksOnce again, Christians are more concerned with what someone else is doing rather than what they are doing as a community of people who should be changing the world with their actions. Instead the supreme desire at the present is for Starbucks to bring the message of Christmas because nothing preaches Christmas like a snowman on a $5 cup of joe.

The focus for many has been on the message, or lack thereof, of a cup from a corporate entity with no affiliation to a religious institution nor have they ever claimed to be a supporter of a Christian message.

May I offer a suggestion?

Stop asking Starbucks to put “Merry Christmas” on a cup as your name.

Honestly does it really matter what Starbucks cups look like?  Starbucks 2014 revenue worldwide was over $16 Billion.  Their concern isn’t a religious agenda.  It’s not to bring good cheer on Christmas or Hanukah or Ramadan.  Its revenue.  The cups were designed to look appealing.  Minimalistic design is in at the moment, so why would they clutter it up with crappy design elements?

I can’t speak for the corporation, but I will assume they have no inclination in pushing the Christian agenda. Christmas is a Christian Holiday.  Get out of your bubble and realize that not everyone celebrates Christmas. 6% of the United States population is either Buddhist, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, or another religion.  23% identifies themselves as Atheist or Agnostic.  Not everyone is a Christian.

Most importantly, have we forgotten its a cup?!  It was created to hold coffee, not to blatantly take Christmas out of our lives. And honestly, if Starbucks can take away the message Jesus because they don’t have snowflakes on a cup in a “Christmassy Spirit” – you have larger issues with your faith and dare I say, your priorities are improperly ordered.

If you’ve been one of the many asking for “Merry Christmas” to be written on your cup, what if you tell the barista “Happy Holidays”, or “Merry Christmas” if it’s after Thanksgiving, in a genuine tone, then tip and apologize for all of the rude people who are tearing apart the message of Jesus by being jerks to an employee who has zero control over a cup design.

Invest your time in something that actually might change the world rather than rebelling against Starbucks cup design.

In my opinion the simple red cup is the very symbol of Christmas.  It is the empty tomb to come.  It is the blood of Jesus being spilled for everyone. You could use this cup to evangelize!

Please note the extreme sarcasm in the above statements but I couldn’t resist. We must break from our American Christian bubble and realize this eastern mystical religion has more to offer us than what we’ve reduced it to.

Personally, I don’t like Starbucks coffee and prefer local coffee houses, but I will be visiting a Starbucks soon.

I will order an overpriced coffee.

I will tip well.

I will apologize for rude people who think taking a stand grants them the luxury to be a ___________ (insert Christian curse word here).

I will ask my barista to write an alias on my cup.

I think I will go with “Bah Humbug!” or “Happy Hanukah!” or “Something Clever!” with an exclamation.

Hopefully it will get a laugh and brighten a baristas day.

Grace and Peace.

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