From Me. To You.

Stories change lives. Stories of real people in real situations enduring and living in their reality can’t be disputed.  Society, you and I, can deny statistics.  We can claim there is a disparity in this direction or that but it’s impossible to tell someone their story is not true because to the storyteller, their life is reality.  Their life is truth.  In the moment, love, hate, sadness, joy, pain, despair, celebration, were felt… were experienced.  For anyone to tell another person her or his story was wrong, is a denial of their life experience and a conceited approach to one’s own life. It reveals an inability to truly listen.

I will be sharing the stories of real people. People like you.  People who are nothing like you.  People who have gone through an experience that still is fresh in their memory.  For some it will be years on years in the past.  For others it will have been fresh and still painful.  Above all, these stories you will read will be true.  They will be straight from the source.  The story will not be spoken through me but from the very person who lived it.

I hope the stories told in the coming weeks on this blog will reach the heart of the matter. I hope they reach the heart of you.  The people sharing their story are stepping out opening themselves up to the reader.  Read with an open mind and a willingness to admit where we have failed, ready to celebrate success and hold ready the courage to change.

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